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Final Summary Report
  Completed 29. October 2016

Final Executive Summary
  Completed 29. October 2016

Presentations from ECO-life final conference 29-30. October 2015
   Invitation to conference - English
Day 1
   Opening speech - Danish
   Groen omstilling i Hoeje-Taastrup Kommune - Danish
   Energieffektivisering i Kommunale bygninger og enfamiliehuse - Danish
   Energirenovering af almene boligbebyggelser, Gadehavegaard som passivhus renovering - Danish
   Komforten i energirenoverede boliger - Danish
   Center 2 renovation - Danish
   Danicas Energistrategi, maalsaetning og pilotprojekter – City2 inklusive - Danish
   Fremtidens varmeforsyning - Danish
   Alternative Drivmidler til Tung Transport - Danish
   Hoeje-Taastrup som Smart-city - Danish
   Smart-city catalyst - Danish
   Den groenne omstilling i internationalt perspektiv - Danish
   Strategisk energiplanlaegning i Danmark - Danish
   Syn på klimaet, Dagbladet - Danish
Day 2
   ECO-Life project results and challenges in Lithuania (Birstonas) - English
   The ECO-Life Project from a Bird's eye perspective - English (pdf) (See video)
   ECO-Life project in Belgium - English

Climate homepage of Høje-Tåstrup Municipality
   - Danish and English

Catalogue of measures in municipality of Høje-Tåstrup
   on households, industry and transportation

   - Danish

Climate plan for Høje-Tåstrup Municipality
   Plan for households, industry and transport (2009-2013)

   - Danish

Report detailing vision area, January 2011
   - Danish with a summary in English

Sustainability Requirements - input to the design
   competition for Gammelsø, June 2011

   - Danish

Articles about the International Solar day in Hedehusene
   and Høje-Tåstrup Municipality, May 2012

   - Danish

Power point presentation about energy savings in
   buildings by Go'Energi, March 2012

   - Danish

Design note for developers
   - English

Brochures from the three ECO-Life countries
   - English, Flemmish and Lithuanian

   "Elverhuset - Passive house kindergarten with first class
   indoor climate"
   - Danish

Scientific article by Biekša D. et al, July 2011
   "Energy efficiency challenges in multi-apartment building
   renovation in Lithuania"
   - English

Scientific article by Iqbal A. et al
   "Experimental Evaluation of the Discharge Coefficient
   of a Centre-Pivot Roof Window"
   - English

Scientific article by Šiupšinskas G., Adomenaite S.
   "Solar hot water in the apartment house"
   - Lithuanian

Focus on sustainable (re) building by Ilse Piers
   and Herman Jult, 2010

   - Flemish

Removal can begin, Newspaper Kortrijk, 2010
   - Flemish

Venning gets new look in 2015, Newspaper Kortrijk,

   - Flemish

Venning is ecological model, Newspaper Kortrijk, 2010
   - Flemish

Venning is ecological model, Newspaper 2 Kortrijk, 2010
   - Flemish

European subsidies for green housing,
   Newspaper Kortrijk, 2010

   - Flemish

Master thesis by Marlene Stenberg Hagen Eriksen, 2010
   "Energy renovation of buildings for Combined Use in
   Existing Urban Area" (without appendixes)
   - English

Work paper by Steffen Gulmann, 2010
   "ECO-Life: Socioøkonomisk Workpaper, Muligheder for
   at ændre beboernes klima/energi adfærd"
   - Danish with a summary in English

Booklet by 11CityDesign, 2010
   "Vision Gammelsø - Høje Taastrup Kommune
   - English

Venning goes climate neutral, Newspaper Kortrijk, 2009
   - Flemish


If you have any questions about our project, please contact:

Reto M. Hummelshøj
Project coordinator (DK)
E-mail: Reto M. Hummelshøj

Phone: +45 5640 2766

Ilse Piers
Local coordinator (BE)
E-mail: Ilse Piers

Jolanta Žaltkauskiene
Local coordinator (LT)
E-mail: Jolanta Žaltkauskiene


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