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Her mangler en billedtekst

Inhabitants of municipality: 74,700 and inhabitants of ECO-Life community: 1200 The main components in Kortrijk will be:

Renewable energy supply (RES)

  • PV-cells (75 kWp and more depending on 3rd payers) on roof tops of zero-energy buildings.
  • Bio-fuel based mini-CHP units (250 kWth & 107 kWel + 300 kWth peak boiler) in new and existing buildings.
  • Energy efficiency in buildings (RUE).
  • Experimental area with 163 existing dwellings and 87 new buildings (including apartments).
  • A translated BREEAM EcohomesXB listing will be used as a guide to evaluate the existing buildings and provides renovation priorities and solutions.
  • Low-energy renovation of existing building stock (163 buildings).
  • Zero-energy housing as fill-in where existing houses are demolished, based on EcohomesXB evaluation.
  • Zero-energy housing for newly planned houses in city centre and on industrial brown field.


  • Mini-CHP units on bio-fuel (70% RES considering – production energy). These units provide electricity and heat for the neighbourhood through a small district heating network.

Integration of RES and RUE

  • RUE measures will make complete coverage energy demand by RES possible.
  • New master plan / infrastructure for a higher density and sustainable use of existing area.
  • Expansion of results to the whole building stock of HOUSE-BE (approx. 1500 houses).


  • Internal transport in the experimental area will be closed for through motorized traffic, excepting public transport and services.
  • A mobility study will evaluate and present solutions.

Specific innovations

  • Optimised use of district heating with a local RES-based energy central is an innovative technology used, especially in Belgium where by tradition energy sources are electric power and natural gas.
  • Integrated approach of social (multicultural and deprived), complete neighbourhoods, considering all the aspects in a consistent sustainable way, concerning the implementation of RES and RUE (see before), but also with an active involvement of the (social) tenants in the way of occupation of the dwellings and an intensive sensibilisation in the way of sustainable and conscious living, e.g.:
  • Continuous follow-up and monitoring of energy use by tenants.
  • Financial help and guidance of (social-housing) tenants by the social housing association on buying energy efficient household appliances and the integration of collective services by socio-economic projects.

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If you have any questions about our project, please contact:

Reto M. Hummelshøj
Project coordinator (DK)
E-mail: Reto M. Hummelshøj

Phone: +45 5640 2766

Ilse Piers
Local coordinator (BE)
E-mail: Ilse Piers

Jolanta Žaltkauskiene
Local coordinator (LT)
E-mail: Jolanta Žaltkauskiene


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