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Her mangler en billedtekst

Inhabitants of municipality: 5,400 and inhabitants of ECO-Life community: 900 The main components in Birstonas will be:

Renewable energy supply (RES)

  • 2 MW biomass boiler installations in DH utility, of which 0.4 MW is dedicated to the project. The heating will be based on the local biomass resources (wood waste from forestry and sawmills).
  • Installation of 500 m2 solar collectors. The buildings will be fitted with solar collectors for DHW production and/or heat pumps for provision of DHW.
  • PV will be used on a small scale.

Energy efficiency in buildings (RUE)

  • 25,500 m2 or about 360 typical Eastern European dwellings to be refurbished to very high energy efficiency.
  • 2585 m2 of new tertiary buildings built as low-energy houses.
  • Energy efficient external lighting.
  • Participatory approach to involve and commit citizens.


  • A 100 kWel/130 kWth CHP plant will generate the power needs on the DH energy utility. The CHP unit will be prepared for connection to biomass gasifier that will be implemented at a later stage.
  • Ashes from the biomass boilers will be used as fertilizer in the forest.

Integration of RES and RUE

  • The integration of supplementary de-centralized solar and heat pumps as well as the reduction of energy demand for space heating enables the district heating net (over time) to operate at a lower temperature causing a reduced heat loss from the grid.
  • The lower district heating return temperatures combined with flue gas condensation unit installation makes it possible to improve the utilisation of the biomass.
  • The in and out coupling during night and day of heat pumps for DHW helps levelling off the load on the power supply, which presently is largely based on nuclear power.
  • All transport in the Concerto area will be by foot, and bikes and cars will be placed in the periphery.

Specific innovations

  • New metering (partly based on room temperature registration/measurement) and supply.
  • Socio-economic project monitoring of Birstonas and the associated observer community Palanga Municipality, which is considered important for evaluation and for finding the most appropriate approach to following sustainable town developments in the Baltic States.
  • Development of appropriate financing schemes for social-housing (ESCO) with high replication potential.

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If you have any questions about our project, please contact:

Reto M. Hummelshøj
Project coordinator (DK)
E-mail: Reto M. Hummelshøj

Phone: +45 5640 2766

Ilse Piers
Local coordinator (BE)
E-mail: Ilse Piers

Jolanta Žaltkauskiene
Local coordinator (LT)
E-mail: Jolanta Žaltkauskiene


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