Sustainable building and forward-looking are the basic goals of the office, founded in 1994 when Luc Reuse, Luc Eeckhout and Jan Van Den Broeke started to work together. They mostly did urban conversions and private housing projects, experimenting with passive and renewable energy systems. They designed Belgium's first zero-energy house in 1996 and won several awards in national and international bio-climatic building competitions.

In 1998, evr designed the new office building of Oxfam in Ghent and subsequently larger projects, mainly office buildings for the public sector. The construction of any new building affects our environment for decades to come. Any significant building should therefore be a smart building: treating the environment with care, creating living or working conditions that are best for the users but also for the planet itself. For evr, that means: restricting our destructive need to consume and pollute, making frugal use of natural resources, reducing the area of our "ecological footprint", the aim is to design buildings that are more respectful and less pretentious.
Contact person: Luc Eeckhout
Phone: +32 92 28 57 52
Adress: evr-Architecten
Visserij 260
BE-9000 Ghent

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