UAB COWI Lietuva is among the largest engineering consulting and design companies in Lithuania. It is a subsidiary of a parent company, COWI A/S of Denmark - consulting engineers and planners. In 1996, UAB COWI Lietuva was registered as the Lithuanian subsidiary of COWI Denmark. This period was the starting point for active co-operation with Lithuanian companies and in-depth analysis of the specific demands of local projects.

The first engineering projects were implemented in the building and energy sectors. COWI Baltic employs professional specialists from a variety of engineering areas. Their assignments include design, preparation of feasibility studies, investment projects, technical due diligence of buildings and installations, and the provision of consultations in different areas of engineering.
Contact person: Martynas Nagevicius
Phone: +370 650 37 654
Adress: UAB COWI Lietuva
Ukmerges G. 369A
LT-06327 Vilnius

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