UAB Busto Ideja was established in 2006 from proprietorship status. It is a young, small, innovation-based ambitious Lithuanian company, whose specialists successfully combine the experience and knowledge gained at University activities to business site in creating sustainable solutions for dwelling housing in Lithuania, solving local problems related with social, economic, technological and ecological points. The company is already using advance ICT software for 3D design and testing WEB based project management, e_estimation and other construction related software. Busto Ideja has partnership relations with experienced project management and design ES companies within more than 10 years' experience of design of energy-efficiency buildings up to passive house.

Company activities include consultancy, urban planning, design works of dwelling houses as well as follow-up works of project management and supervision services for realizations. The company has developed more than 15 different size and complexity dwelling housing projects. Busto Ideja has been involved in developing of ECO concept for Birstonas municipality.
Contact person: Edita Sarkiene
Phone: +370 699 24 602
Adress: UAB Busto Ideja
Kalvariju 131
LT- 08221 Vilnius
Website: www.

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