The Rockwool Group is the world's leading producer of stone wool - a material that improves the quality of life for millions of people and helps to alleviate environmental problems such as the greenhouse effect, smog and acid rain. Rockwool insulation gives us pleasant indoor environments by keeping out the freezing cold. In hot climates, stone wool helps keep indoor temperatures comfortably cool.

The Rockwool Group was founded in 1909. At present, the Group employs more than 8,500 highly skilled persons. The Rockwool Group operates 23 factories in three continents and has a world-wide network of sales offices, distributors and partners ensuring that its stone wool products reach all parts of the globe. Group headquarters and the R&D and environmental departments are based in Hedehusene, Høje-Taastrup.
Contact person: Susanne Kuehn
Phone: +45 46 56 03 00
Adress: Rockwool
Hovedgaden 501
DK-2640 Hedehusene

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