Palanga Municipality
Palanga is a resort town which is situated by the Baltic Sea in the northwest part of Lithuania. Its population is 20,000. People started to settle in this area from the second to third century BC. In the 12th and 13th centuries, Palanga was a well-known trading centre by the sea, a port on the Hansa merchants' route.

Now Palanga is a resort town with beautiful sand beaches, dunes and an unspoilt natural environment. Amber has been found here since the oldest times. A great number of amber craftsmen live here. There is a unique Amber Museum and the Count Tiskevicius Park in Palanga.

Palanga has its own airport where planes leave for Hamburg, Kristianstadt, Tallin, Moscow, Berlin, Hanover, Munster, Frankfurt and Vilnius. Palanga has three sanatoriums and more than 100 holiday houses, guesthouses and hotels.
Contact person: Irena Satkauskiene
Phone: +370 460 51 225
Adress: Palanga Municipality
Vytauto 73
LT-00134 Palanga

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