Lithuanian Builders Association
Lithuanian Builders Association includes 125 licensed enterprises and organizations involved in design work, construction, manufacturing of building materials and structures, training, insurance and some other businesses.

Many design work and construction enterprises are experienced in construction work in foreign countries or are collaborating with foreign investors in Lithuania.

The Association has close contacts with executive authorities, Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists (being a member thereof) in drafting of laws, resolutions and regulations advantageous for business. The Association is actively involved in organization of expositions on national and international levels. Lithuanian builders Association have entered into co-operation agreements with the German Construction Association, French Construction Federation, Latvian Construction Association, Polish Construction House in addition to collaboration with similar organizations in other countries.
Contact person: Vaidotas Sarka
Phone: +370 699 57 555
Adress: Lithuanian Builders Association/S
Lukiskiu 5-501
LT-01108 Vilnius

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