Kortrijk Municipality
Kortrijk covers an area of 80 square kilometres, comprising the city of Kortrijk proper and 7 surrounding towns (Aalbeke, Bellegem, Bissegem, Heule, Kooigem, Marke and Rollegem). Kortrijk counts 74,700 inhabitants and is as such the seventh largest city in the Flemish region. Together with the north of France (Lille), it belongs to the French-Belgian metropolitan area, containing almost 1,900,000 inhabitants. Kortrijk strives to a further development as central city in the region taking into account the well-being and the life quality of its citizens, in a sustainable way, with special attention to the deprived people.

The city council assumes that it has an exemplary role in the sustainable policy: thinking and acting are also concentrated on the interests of future generations. In this area, Kortrijk already has some merits; it was the first 'fair trade'-city in the province West-Flanders. For its own patrimony, it has a master plan Energy care 2008-12 to lower the energy consumption by 30%.
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Adress: Kortrijk Municipality
Grote Markt 54
BE-8500 Kortrijk
Website: www.kortrijk.be

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