Housing and Urban Development Agency
Housing and Urban Development Agency (HUDA) is an institution of the Ministry of Environment, which seeks to ensure the proper implementation of programs and measures defined in Lithuanian Housing Strategy in order to create and develop urban planning concepts, effective housing management and maintenance system, promote effective use of energy and enhance energy-efficient modernization of private and public buildings in Lithuania.

HUDA assists home owner associations in the implementation of the housing modernization projects, as well as home owners and local government institutions in the implementation of energy efficiency and housing maintenance projects, organize training for home owner representatives, housing maintenance companies and others responsible for housing maintenance.
Contact person: Simona Irzikeviciute
Phone: +370 5 262 98 53
E-mail: s.irzikeviciute@bkagentura.lt
Adress: Housing and Urban Development Agency
Svitrigailos str. 7/A. Vivulskio str. 16
Website: www.bkagentura.lt

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