Goedkope Woning is a recognized social housing company, founded in 1923, and is active in the city of Kortrijk, situated in Flanders (Belgium). Goedkope Woning owns almost 1500 dwellings in Kortrijk, designated as social renting houses.

In Flanders, social renting houses are dwellings in management of the Flemish government recognized social housing company which are rented, in accordance with the social hiring decree, to tenants with a low income (beneath a fixed income border). 50% of the tenants of a social house are situated in the 20% lowest income segment. The social rent collect by the social housing company is income-related (average ca. EURO 280 monthly rent instead of ca. EURO 480 monthly in the private renting sector, not included energy and other supplementary costs).

The renting activities are one important aspect within Goedkope Woning; the building activities are at least as essential. On one hand, there is the constant aim of the expansion of the number of households as the demand is increasing, and on the other, the need for the care of the existing buildings. Goedkope Woning disposes, generally spoken, of a worn-out patrimony, with the majority of the buildings constructed within the years 1950-1980.
Contact person: Ilse Piers
Phone: +32 56 26 05 52
E-mail: ilse.piers@goedkope-woning.be
Adress: Goedkope Woning
Niewstraat 13
BE-8500 Kortrijk
Website: na

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