Founded in 1991, Ecopower cvba is a cooperative under Belgian law for financing renewable energy projects.

Ecopower is the European Commission's 'renewable energy partner' in the Campaign for take off 2003 and received the Award. Ecopower aims at a scenario for sustainable energy and thus supports the ideas of the Smart Grids Technology Platform (supported by the European Commission). Ecopower promotes a grid of small RE-production units and this, alongside REU, is believed to be a solution for future energy questions. Ecopower's projects fit into this scenario.

Ecopower received European support for a wind project in Eeklo (EFRO: wind turbines with close participation of the inhabitants and in cooperation with the city council) and for a biomass project in Eeklo (heating of the city's administrative building with cogeneration, on locally grown rapeseed oil).
Contact person: Jim Wiliame
Phone: +32 32 87 37 79
Adress: Ecopower
Statiestraat 164
BE-2600 Berchem

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