The Green House is the local platform for advising citizens and local industries and assisting the municipalities in the areas. The Green House is a non-profit organization with an independent board. The Green House is the result of a co-operation between Køge Kommune (Municipality of Køge) and active citizens of Køge. Because of this, The Green House has a very good contact to and dialogue with Køge municipality, which gives great potential to develop and test a lot of new activities.

Energitjenesten Sjaelland is one of these activities. The idea is through dialogue to involve local shops, building companies, municipalities or private citizens. The aim is that the participants take action and change their behaviour towards sustainable solutions. The institution hosts a number of energy services institutions that will work with The Green House as third-party.
Contact person: Tommy Brøndum
Phone: +45 56 67 60 72
Adress: Det Grønne Hus
Vestergade 3C
DK-4600 Køge

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