Birstonas Municipality
Birstonas municipality consists of Birstonas town and Birstonas sub district. The total area of the municipality takes up 124 km2 and there are over 5,200 inhabitants. The main settlement of the municipality is Birstonas resort situated in the centre of the Great Nemunas Bends Regional Park, near an international highway, Via Baltica.

Birstonas Town occupies the area of 13 km2 with over 3,100 people residing in it. Birstonas sub district, which comprises 46 villages, occupies the area of 111 km2, there are over 2,000 dwellers.
Contact person: Valentinas Vincas Revuckas
Phone: +370 319 65 553
Adress: COWI A/S
Jaunimo G. 2
LT-59206 Birstonas

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